The History of Square Dance Attire

Square dancing has a long history in the United States and has slowly impacted countries across the globe. When it comes to attire, there used to be strict standards for what dancers could wear. 

Men typically wore jeans and western-style shirts, bolo ties, cowboy hats, boots, and other attire traditionally associated with the era of westward expansion in America. Similarly, women wore western clothing in the form of a blouse, skirt, and petticoat. Dancers would even buy or make coordinated outfits to match their partners in the square!

Modern Square Dance Attire

Modern square dance attire is as varied as the music we play and the people participating in the activity. While many dancers still enjoy getting dolled up in their traditional attire, it’s certainly not required at most events. Whether you throw on some nice slacks or just your favorite pair of jeans, the most important part of your square dance attire will always be your dancing shoes—no matter what style they are!

Getting Started

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Questions for CallerLAB

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