Welcome to CALLERLAB and the Square Dance community! We are an international organization of square dance callers working together to share our love of square dancing. Many people have preconceived notions about what square dancing is, and we’re here to show you that it’s more than just country-style dancing. 

Square dancing is a great way to get out of the house for some exercise and make new friends. It is a vibrant community activity that brings people together in a way that’s been forgotten in this generation.

Our mission in the CALLERLAB Marketing Committee is to foster the art of square dancing through community awareness. Even if it’s for your first time, we want everyone who joins us to get the best experience at their square dance event. Spend one night in the square, and we guarantee you’ll be back! 

Accessibility of Square Dancing

One of the best parts about square dancing is its inclusiveness. Young, old, or differently-abled, square dancing offers an opportunity for people from all paths to learn from one another and create long-lasting friendships. Intergenerational engagement and making new friends outside your usual circle benefit you beyond a basic relationship. There are so many mental and social advantages [link] that come with square dancing - we can’t wait to see where your square dancing journey leads you! 

Here’s how some of our current square dancing aficionados explain the benefits they’ve personally seen after joining the community.

Got Questions?

If you’re thinking about trying square dancing for yourself, CALLERLAB is here to help. Find an organization near you to talk about a beginner's class. You’ll be able to learn all the necessary instructions, or “calls,” to get in the square and start dancing like a pro.