What is Square Dancing?

A dance form that involves a group of couples executing dance figures that involve the interaction of the dancers as called by a caller to music. Usually involving four couples that start and end in a square formation.

To start your square dancing journey, we recommend attending a beginner's lesson to learn the basic setup of the square and some of our most common calls. Attending a beginner training event gives you a leg up as you learn the language of square dancing. Once you’ve memorized a good number of calls and feel comfortable in the square, you’re ready for our larger events. 

Is Square Dancing Difficult?

Square dancing is one of the most accessible forms of exercise. Whether you’re 8 or 80, square dancing is an easy way to get moving, use your brain, and enjoy an evening with friends. As long as you can move within the square and follow instructions, you have the skills necessary to be a great square dancer! Bring a friend, a group, or just yourself. Our beginner events are always welcoming and inclusive, and we’re always ready to help instruct the next generation of square dancing.

Got Questions?

Want to join the square dance community? Find a contact near you and figure out exactly what people love about this activity!