Benefits of Square Dancing

When you think of square dancing, you’re probably not thinking about the benefits you can gain from it—but there are so many! The main advantages you receive as a square dancer can be split up into three primary categories: physical, mental, and social


Any kind of dancing will give you a workout, and square dancing is no exception! Better than other forms of dancing, there are no complicated moves or fast-paced cardio to keep up with. If you can move forward and back, left and right, you’re well on your way to being a pro.

Our square dancers consistently reach 10,000 steps in a night—the same amount routinely recommended to maximize health outcomes for individuals with sedentary jobs like working at a desk. Get a great, low-impact exercise no matter your current fitness level by finding a square dancing group near you.


The advent of social media has made it easier than ever to keep up with the everyday lives of friends and family, but it’s also linked to increased feelings of isolation, depression, and anxiety. There’s nothing social about social media—square dancing offers a more interactive alternative!

Square dancing allows you to join a welcoming community where you can bond with others over a shared activity. Get in an actual room with people, and start making some friends in real life through square dancing!


Keeping your mind in top shape is certainly something to strive for. Many people do puzzles and brain teasers to keep their brain functioning at its peak as they age, but medical professionals recommend physical activities like dancing as a great way to stay sharp!

Decreases in brain metabolism are predictive of cognitive decline and even Alzheimer’s disease. Many studies have found that moderate forms of exercise—like square dancing—increase brain metabolism, specifically in parts linked to learning and memory. Plus, dancing improves mood and reduces feelings of anxiety or depression, which is vitally essential to good mental health.

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